Arabic Jokes

25 Mar

The Arabic joke is an art form of sporadic genius. Here are a couple of examples to give a rough idea. I am not sure any of these constitute genius but some may raise a titter. 


A man said to his friend: If I tie a donkey on a two metre rope and put food five metres away from him, how can the donkey eat?

His friend said: I don’t know.

The man said: Nor does the donkey!


Question: In Egypt why do we invest more in prisons than schools.

Answer: Because, here, school days have been and gone and won’t come back but prison is the future for us all.


A stingy father said to his children. “Ok whoever wants dinner can have it or whoever wants one pound can have that”. All the children said they wanted to take the pound

In the morning the father woke his children up and said. “Ok whoever wants breakfast. pay me one pound”


Some people asked a drunk man: what’s more important the sun or the moon?

He replied: The moon, of course, because it gives us light at night when it’s dark. The sun gives us light in the day, when it’s already light.


A fool bought a radio and returned it the next day. Why? Because both speakers played the same song.



 Here are the sources (in Arabic), which include a lot of others.


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