Mahmoud Darwish: Dice Player

13 Apr

Apologies for lack of input recently. This does not represent a larger trend but like Catullus in Verona I find myself without a library to speak of and with a computer whose mouse has developed a mind of its own. I soon intent to resume the rapid pace with which I began. 


For now here is a Stanza of Mahmoud Darwish which I particularly like. I have used a series of arrow keys, TABs and ENTERs to input it solely to tide my legion of fans over until my computer resumes normal function.


Who am I to say to you

what I say to you?

I am no rock smoothed by water

to make a face

Nor am I a reed hollowed by the wind

to make a pipe.

I am but a dice-player.

Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

I am just like you

or, maybe, a little less so.




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